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  • Josh Gray

2022 Month 2 Check In

Josh Gray

It’s the first day of the second month of 2022. So far, we’ve had:

· 31 opportunities to workout

· 93 chances to eat a healthy meal (assuming you eat 3 meals a day)

· 31 opportunities to walk at least 30 minutes a day

· 31 opportunities to reduce screen time, to increase sleep to drink more water, etc.

How are you doing on your New Year's health resolutions so far? How many days did you work out last month? Did you meet your goal? Did you work out more days than December? If not, why?

How many healthy meals did you eat last month? Did you meet your goal? How many times did you eat out last month? Were any of these more or less than December? if not, why?

If you didn't hit your goals last month or weren't as consistent as you thought you would be, it's not over. Use these questions as a monthly check up, set some new goals for February and make a commitment to actually reach them!

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