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  • Josh Gray

How to make Shopping Healthy Easier

By Josh Gray

Shopping tip

Often times, grocery shopping can be one of the biggest burdens when trying to adopt a healthier diet. We may not know what to look for or where to find it in the store, or maybe how to tell whether or not a food is healthy.

One simple shopping tip is to ignore food items on shelves that are level in the store. Food companies understand human psychology, specifically that humans will take the path of least resistance more times than not, so they pay for their item to be placed on the higher shelves since it will require very little effort for the customer to see it.

These food products are often more expensive and contain the least amount of nutrients, which is another reason companies pay for their increased visibility. Foods on the shelves lower to the ground tend to be healthier (although they may not always be healthy) and would be better choices than the foods on the eye level shelves.

Adding is better than Taking Away

The New Year is usually a time where people reflect on the past year and identify things they want to change as part of their New Year resolutions. Often times these resolutions includes some type of fitness/health related goals, as people want to improve their body composition and/or overall health.

Unfortunately, the majority of people abandon their resolutions (especially health related) two to three weeks into the New Year for many reasons, one being that habits are hard to change. Researchers suggest that people are more successful when adding a good habit compared to trying to eliminate a bad habit. So instead of trying to cut out junk food, or decreasing screen time, here are some things you can add:

· Eat some form of protein at each meal

· Eat a fruit or veggie at each meal

· Exercise 3 or more days a week

· Drink more water

The list can go on and on, but the principle is to focus on adding the healthy changes you want in your life, and the more you add, the less time/energy you will have for unhealthy choices.

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