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  • Josh Gray

Never Miss Twice

By Josh Gray

This will be a shorter blog post, as this is a response to a question, I was asked last week. The question was "what happens if I mess up on my diet one day, or miss a workout, or go off plan for a day?" "Will that mess up my progress, or will I have to start all over again?"

This is a valid question, and the answer I give can probably be applied to multiple areas in our lives. Before I answer the question, I will say that life happens, so a person will rarely if ever be 100% compliant to a particular diet or workout plan, and that is really not necessary for them to reach their goals.

Now for the answer to the question.

If you get off track on your diet or workout for one day, just pick back up where you left off the next day. There doesn't need to be any drastic changes, and no you can't make up for it the next. If your goal caloric intake is 1800 calories and you consume 2500. The next day try to hit your goal of 1800 calories again. Don't worry about decreasing your calories so low to make up for it because that will likely result in you overeating the day after again.

The same rules apply with working out. If you miss a day, just make sure to go in and do your regularly scheduled workout the next day. Don't try to do more than usual to make up for the missed day, as this will do nothing for your progress or results and might even negate them.

One rule that may help you is to never miss twice in a row. So never overeat two days in a row (or in a week), and never miss a workout two days in a row. Momentum can go in our favor or against us and the choices we make will determine how momentum will work. If you miss two days in a row, there's an increased chance you will miss the third day and the opposite is true for hitting all your goals.

So, when it comes to your diet/workout, never miss twice!

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