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  • Josh Gray

No Magic Pill for Health

The majority of Americans have this fictitious belief that there's a magic pill/shortcut for health, and everything else for that matter. People are now getting breast implants, butt implants, taking steroids for bigger muscles and/or increased athletic performance, fat loss pills and shakes, weight loss surgery, etc. Each one of these things (except increased breast size) can be achieved with proper diet and lifestyle, which is the same thing that's required after using the quick fix, to maintain results.

Eating an unhealthy diet while remaining physically inactive after a weight loss surgery, will result in you regaining the weight you lost and maybe more. Steroids have little to no effect on hypertrophy, strength, power, or recovery, without resistance/power training and also adhering to a healthy diet. Butt implants only work as long as you're following some type of glute focused resistance training, and the long term effects (positive or negative) of these implants are still relatively unknown.

So why not just do the required to begin with? Yes the work is hard (but everything worth something is) and the results come much slower (with little to no side effects), but how long did it take you to get to your current physical state? Since it didn't happen overnight, you can't expect your results to come that quick either. Its gonna take at least as long, if not longer to get to your goal image.

Health is just like money, the faster it comes, the faster it goes. Instead of focusing on a quick fix/magic pill, direct your energy toward building healthy lifelong habits, that will reward you with a longer, better quality of life.


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