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  • Josh Gray

Why your Fitness results Stall or even Halt?

By Josh Gray

Fitness or exercise is a vital part in maintaining good health and also sculpting our bodies and even though we all begin or restart our fitness journey in different places, one underlying principle remains the same (there’s more but these is the only two I will discuss here). I split the principle into two points:

1. What you did/or doing to start your fitness journey will on work for a certain period of time before you need a stronger stimulus.

2. If your workouts are comfortable, you will probably not experience any improvement or progress in fitness or body composition.

Let’s say that your goal was to run a mile a day. In the best you can run is a nine-minute mile. After a few weeks it is getting easier to run that nine-minute mile, and you realize that the changes you were seeing have all of a sudden halted. This happens when your body adapts to a particular physical stimulus.

When starting, you go from inactive to running every day, so your body has to change to keep up with the increased physical demands. This could be anything from weight loss to more energy, to less fatigue, etc. Once your body adapts (gets comfortable), then it will need something more challenging to keep making the positive changes you noticed in the beginning.

An example using this 9-minute mile could be:

Week 1: 9 minutes

Week 2: 8:50 minutes

Week 3: 8:40 minutes

Week 4: 8:30 minutes

With this format, you would aim to hit the target time for a whole week, and then decrease the time by 10 seconds for each following week.

The same is true about weight training, whether you are looking to get stronger or build lean muscle. You must increase the weight and/or reps when it starts to get easy to ensure greater progress.

Getting to the next level of fitness and health will require you to push yourself past your level of comfort and will also demand that your consistency is higher than it has ever been. The comfort zone is why people are unhappy with their current physical state and what keeps from progressing or reaching their goals.

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