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"Training with Josh has it's own evolution. As he learns, you learn. And he is always learning, always reading, always pushing the body to new limits. Expect to learn how to warm up, train, eat, and live for your body and its fitness goals with every session. As a collegiate athlete and then former athlete, Josh was my favorite trainer to have ever worked with, hands down. Big ups to you, Josh. This is a huge new step."

-Alex Teesdale



"I trained with Josh for two years as a collegiate baseball player at UPS. Josh came to every session prepared with workouts that he crafted to meet the specific fitness and strength needs of many athletes in multiple different sports. He was extremely effective in teaching new exercises, and as a baseball player, I was really impressed by how Josh was able to incorporate movements such as the swing into sport specific exercises. Josh pushes you to get the most out of your body, and while working with him, my strength and sprint speed increased, which helped me succeed in my sport. I also used his warm up, stretching, and flexibility techniques to stay healthy throughout the season. Josh does the research it takes to stay current and effective and he is a trainer you can trust!"

-Chris Zerio

"Josh Gray's program was just as valuable (if not, more) than skills trainings and drills in my development as a collegiate basketball player. His workouts in the weight room were inextricably linked to my success on the court. It was always a pleasure to work with Josh. If you want to take your game to the next level, I suggest you start here."

-Matt Bergland


"Josh's program really improves athletes from day 1. This is the best strength program I have ever done, all the way from the mobility to the end of the workout, it's all about maximizing performance. He also makes workouts specifically tailored to the individual/groups specific sport."

-Advit Raghavan


"Great trainer with attention to detail. Workouts are individualized, sport specific, and really improve your overall athleticism if you do them consistently."

- Zachary Miller


"Josh is a good trainer, glad to see he has his own place"

-Kenny Gallardo


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